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Minimalist interior design

Minimalist interior design translates to more than an uncluttered, sparsely decorated room. Birthed from modern design, minimalism embraces simplicity, reducing an interior to what’s necessary for the space to function well. But this clean, no-fuss style doesn’t need to feel uninviting. Balance and warmth are crucial to delivering the elevated beauty this style can create.

Minimize Details for a Clean Look

At the end of the day a minimalist space is one that doesn’t convey too many different visual ‘messages.’ Obviously ‘too many’ is a very personal definition. I recommend pieces with clean lines. You need a selection of various items with different shapes and heights: books, sculpture, decorative objects, bowls, trays, vessels with or without branches (depending on the height you want to add here and there). But avoid too many small decorative objects. Use fewer and larger items instead.

Play up Natural Elements

Keeping a consistent scale of furniture and using simplified shapes will lend itself to a minimalist space. For example, simple wood accents or built-ins warm up the room but do not overwhelm the design. Similarly, the fireplace design should be simplistic in shape and soft in tone. To add color, a vintage rug or one-of-a-kind pillows are a delicate way to achieve a pop without overshadowing the foundational elements. 

Aim for a Well-Balanced Space

Don’t let the desire for negative space leave you with chairs and a sofa that are way too small for a large, high-ceiling room. Minimalism is not creating a space that feels empty; designing with it means playing with it until it feels right. 


Courtesy of Mansion Global

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